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School Play Information

Dear Parents/Guardians:

P1000138Our Christmas Play will be held on Thursday, 13th December ’12, at 7.30pm. All our actors’ and actresses’ should be at the school at 6.30p.m. in preparation for the performance.   “Break a Leg” Everyone!!!.
We are taking orders for the D.V.D. of the performance. Please fill in the order form if you would like to order one @ €8 each.

We would be most grateful if anyone who knows a Firm/Shop would ask them to donate a spot prize.

The School will close at 12 noon on Friday 21st December’12 and reopen on Monday 7th January’13. If we have icy weather conditions remember to listen to Mid-West Radio, for updates on school closures.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

Yours sincerely

Fionnuala Costello

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