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School Uniform

Children are required to wear a School Uniform.

Girls wear a grey pinafore/skirt (trousers optional) blue blouse, grey cardigan, grey/blue striped tie, grey or blue tights and black shoes (only).

Boys wear grey trousers, grey jumper, blue shirt, grey/blue striped tie and black shoes(only).

(Ties are available from Faheys and Prendergasts Draperies, Main St. Castlebar.)


Tracksuits consists of a navy tracksuit bottoms, blue T-shirt and blue sweatshirt with the School Crest, available from JT Sports, Green Stores, Claremorris.
Tracksuits should be worn on P.E./Swimming days and on Art Days for Infants.

Please put your child’s name on all their belongings Cardigans, jumpers, coats etc.

© Manulla National School