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Some letters about our school

The following two letters were written by some of our students parents and published in the Connaught Telegraph newspaper on the 19th of March 2013.

It’s been over seven years since two nervous parents left their special girl at the door of Manulla primary school. Since then she has flourished thanks to the welcoming, helpful and friendly atmosphere created by the teachers, Ms Costello and Ms Gibbons, special needs assistants and the children themselves.

Anna is a very happy pupil, who enjoys going to Manulla School each day, where she is surrounded by a fantastic teaching staff who have encouraged her to learn, grow and develop in her education and as a person. Manulla School offers the best of modern Irish education, allowing the growing children to learn essential subjects and the life skills in a small community school.

We could not recommend a school more highly than Manulla for your child.

Anna’s Parents

We the Committee of Manulla National School Parents Association work together for the best possible education for our children. We as a Committee work with the principle, staff and the board of management to build effective partnership between the home and school. We enjoy the involvement in fundraising to benefit the children. Our fundraising events include annual cardgames, bagpacking, and flag days. We hold annual clean-up days in the local community, we hold frequent meetings to give parents a voice in the running of the school.

All children attending the school are happy and receiving the best education from our dedicated teaching staff. We take pride in helping in any way to enrich and fulfil any needs asked of us as a committee.

Parents Association

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