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Parents Association

Our aim is to provide support to the Board of Management, and to the school principal and staff, and also to relay information to parents relating to our children’s education.
The objectives of the Parents Association are:

  • To promote and foster good relations and co-operation between school and home
  • To act on behalf of parents in an advisory capacity in relation to the school
  • To promote the educational and welfare interests of the children
  • To assist in extra-curricular activities, e.g. healthy eating and clean up days
  • To offer parents information, programmes etc. which they may find helpful in fulfilling their role as primary educators of their children
  • To help provide extra equipment and teaching aids for the school
  • To make representations on behalf of the general body of parents regarding national issues that affect primary education
  • To raise funding for music lessons within the school.

Our Parents Association is made of the following parents:

  • Shane Lundy  (Chairperson)
  • Vivenne Barrett  (Secretary)
  • Fiona Tansey (Treasurer)
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