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School Book List

Junior Infants | Senior Infants | First Class | Second Class
Third Class | Fourth Class | Fifth Class | Sixth Class

First Class Book List

Book Title                                                                    Publisher:

Figure it Out 1.                                                                  Fallons

Mathemagic 1                                                                     Fallons        

Mental Maths (Revised Edition)                                      Prim Ed.


Bua na Cainte2

Small World (2nd  Class)                                           CJ  Fallon                                                                                          

Spell Bound (1st Class)                                              CJ Fallon

Ready to Write D (Cursive)                                       EDCO

Exercise Your English 1.                                            EDCO

Grow in Love 2nd  Class



1. Display Folders
4. Zipped Plastic A4 Folders
10. Pencils / 2.Erasers / 2.Toppers / Ruler / 2. Sets Twistables.
2. Pencil cases (one for home, one for school)

Tin Whistle Key D
(Please label all above items, uniform and tracksuit with child’s name.)

Additional Irish & English Readers & Inis Dom workbooks will be provided by the school through the Government Book Grant.

  •  School reopens Monday 2nd  September ‘19

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