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School Book List

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Junior Infants Book List 2017-2018


Book Title Publisher
Children’s Picture Bible (1. per family)

€8 – available in the school in Sept.

Busy at Maths (Junior Infants) C.J.Fallon
WOW  Big Box Adventure Storybook EDCO
Ready to Write  A. Edco
Small World (Junior Infants) C.J.Fallon
Treasury (Junior Infants) Folens
Grow in Love (Junior Infants) Veritas


4 – Plastic Folders (Zipped document A4 wallets)

10 – Pencils, 1. pencil sharpener, 1.eraser. (names on them and to be left in school)

1 – pack Twistables (Name on them).

2 – Display folders (40 page pack)

2- Small lunch boxes.(for words)

2- Adult T-Shirt (for Art)

Tin Whistle Key F


(Please label all above items, uniform and tracksuit with your child’s name)

School reopens on Friday  1st September ‘17



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