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Oct ’16 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:


On Wednesday 19th October ‘16, Fred Corvenieo with stage his magic show. The cost per pupil is €4.00. Please have the money sent in by Wednesday.


The Parent/Teacher will be held on Thursday 20th October ’16. You will have received your appointment by now. If the time or date is not convenient for you, please contact the class teacher to make alternate arrangements.


On 28th October ’16, we will host our Halloween Trick or Treat party. Pupils should dress in their favourite costumes.


The school will go on its mid -term break from Monday 31st October – Friday 4th November ’16. We wish you all a Happy Halloween.


All classes will attend an athletics workshop on Monday 7th November ’16. The cost of the bus and athletics will be €5.50 per pupil.


Pupils will have their last session of swimming on Friday 11th November ’16. We hope everyone enjoyed the sessions and have improved in their swimming.





We are participating in the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal again this year. Please have the boxes in by the 11th November’16. Thank you in advance for your generosity.


Lenrec Recycling will be here on 9th November ’16. Please send in your unwanted clothes, shoes, household ware for recycling.

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