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Nov ’16 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Mass for the deceased of the parish will take place in the community centre on Friday 11th November ’16, at 8p.m. Any musicians who will be available to attend, please let us know by tomorrow. We will have a practice in the school at 2p.m. on Thursday.


This Thursday is the last day to bring in the shoeboxes. Our target this year is to supply 50 boxes. We know from past years how well you support this cause and we thank you for your generosity, in helping us reach our goal.


Our Halloween party was a great success. Thanks to all the Parents/Guardians who sent in treats for the party.


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the pupils did not attend for athletics in Claremorris today. We will let you know the new date as soon as we have it.


Lenrec Recycling will be calling to the school on Wednesday 9th November ’16. Please send in any clothes you have for recycling by then. The more bags we recycle the more funds we raise for the school.


Friday 11th November ’16 is the last day of swimming lessons for this year.



Steffi Otto from Heritage Ireland will host a workshop in the school on Tuesday 15th November ’16 on how to use natural materials (hemp) to make Christmas decorations, skipping ropes, etc. If anyone of you can remember skipping songs/rhymes from your skipping days, please send them in to us.


Our ‘exercise for life’ programme continues, with the children running for approx. 15 mins per day. Keep up the good work.


We are now taking orders for Christmas Annuals by Educate .ie. at €2 each. Please place your order by Friday 18th November.


As the Christmas Concert draws nearer (15th December), we would be most grateful for any spot prizes you could donate to the school.


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