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June ’16 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:



Our end of year Mass for the sixth class pupils will take place on 9th June ’16 at 12 noon. Parents/Guardians of all our pupils are welcome to attend. We wish Molly, Chloe, Saoirse and Matthew the very best as the move on to Secondary school.


Keith from JT Sports will be here measuring for tracksuits on the 15th June ’16. Please return your tracksuit requirements form by 13th June ’16. You can also (if you prefer) call to them in Green stores any Saturday to be measured. (Just let us know on the form).


Luca from Green Schools will give a cycling skill workshop to the senior classes at 10 a.m. on 21st June ’16. If it’s convenient, please bring your bike and cycle gear on that day.


On the 24th June’16, we will be hosting our annual Ice Cream Fun Day in aid of Down Syndrome Ireland. Ice creams will cost €2 each. We will also be raising our Green School Walk Flag on that day. Everyone is welcome to come at 1.30a.m.


The school will close for the summer holidays on 28th June ’16 at 12 noon. We hope you all have a great summer and we will see you 1st September ’16.


The voluntary contributions and school journal monies are now due.

School journal is €2 for pupils from 1st class up. Voluntary Contributions are €20 per child/family of 2plus €30.

Thank you for your contributions.

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