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April 2014 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:

We proudly congratulate our All – Ireland Champions. On Tuesday 1st April ’14 the boys’ team of Aaron Tansey (captain), Brian Tansey, Oisín Jordan, Darren Tansey, Gavin Jennings and Jude Clarke became All –Ireland Table Tennis Champions for the first time in the school’s history. It is a great achievement for the boys and the school. Our girls continued the winning streak, coming in a very respectable third place. Congratulations to the girl’s team of Emily Clarke (captain), Anna Mae Clarke, Saoirse Jordan, Emma Leneghan, Ríona Jordan and Jillian Clarke.

We will be holding an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday, 11th April ’14. Pupils should bring in €2.

The school will be closed from Monday 14th April ’14 to Friday 25th April ’14 for the Easter Holidays.

Congratulations to the Library Art winners – Emily Clarke, Niall Deegan, Chloe Connolly, Anna Mae Clarke and Ríona Jordan.

The In Schools Table Tennis Competition results were;

Girls Div.1: 1st: Saoirse Jordan, 2nd.Emily Clarke, 3rd Anna Mae Clarke, 4th Lucy Connolly.  Div. 2. 1st. Emma Leneghan, 2nd. Molly Clarke, 3rd. Ríona Jordan, 4th Megan Hughes.
L.P.B. sponsored the prizes and Mairéad Tansey presented the trophy and medals.

Kevin Devaney sponsored and presented the trophy and medals for the boys.
Boys Div. 1   1st.Aaron Tansey, 2nd Brian Tansey, 3rd.Oisín Jordan, 4th.Darren Tansey . Div.2. 1st. Kacper Troicki, 2nd Joseph Leneghan, 3rd. Aaron Horan, 4th Thomas Deasy McNicholas, 5th Nicky Tarpey.

We wish you all a ‘Happy Easter’

Yours sincerely.
Fionnuala Costello.

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