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April ’17 Newsletter

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Cybersafeireland.Org, has sent us an email advising us that in response to Parents telling them they feel overwhelmed on the subject of internet safety, they have developed a 3-minute scribe animation video with simple advice for Parents. The video can be found on their home page We recommend a visit to the webpage.


The bucket collection organised by the Parents Association has raised €1,071. Thanks very much to everyone who participated.


We will be having an Easter Egg Hunt on Friday 7th April’17. Pupils should bring in €2 before Friday.


The school will be closed from Monday 10th to Friday 21st April ’17 for the Easter holidays .We hope everyone enjoys the break.


We will be bag packing in Dunnes Stores, Castlebar on Friday 21st April to raise funds for the trip to Dublin for the All Ireland Table Tennis Championship. Thanks to those who have already volunteered and we welcome any further volunteers, to optimize our fund raising chances.





The Table Tennis Championship takes place in Dublin on 27th April ’17. Due to the early start we will be overnighting on the 26th April. The school will remain open for the junior classes. The senior classes will receive their itinerary after the holidays.



We will be continuing with our ‘Walk on Wednesdays’. Well done everyone!


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