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November ’14 Newsletter

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians:


Due to some pupils having food allergies, no food, containing NUTS or KIWIS is permitted in the school. We thank you for your attention to this matter.


All the pupils will go bowling on Friday 14th November ’14. This is a free bowling offer from the bowling alley to all schools. The cost of the bus will be €2.50 per pupil. Bowling is from 1-2pm. The Parents/Guardians of the junior and senior infants should note, the children may not be back at the school at exactly 2pm.


Our next Green School Flag’s theme is Travel i.e. wearing seat belts/ Hi vis. Vests. So far, we have had visits from Eva Gannon from An Taisce and Maureen Gannon from Green Sod Ireland as part of the programme. The new committee consists of all the senior room plus Ríona Jordan and Callan Jennings from second class.


Our Christmas Concert will be held on 11th December ’14. We hire sound and organise a DVD, and the raffle on the night goes towards these expenses. With this in mind we would greatly appreciate if you were able to organize a spot prize from your place of work or where you shop, to donate to us for the raffle. Also, if you are in business and would like to advertise it on our Concert Programme, we would be happy to do so for a fee of €20.


Mass for the deceased of the parish will be held in the community centre on Friday 14th November, at 8.15pm. Pupils from senior infants to sixth class should be in their seats by 8pm as they are part of the choir.

There will be a choir practice for the Mass on Wednesday 12th Nov. for 2nd to 6th class pupils. Please do not collect these pupils until 3.45pm from the school on that day.


We have had a huge response to our Christmas Shoe Box Appeal, filling 42 boxes, we thank you all so much for your kind generosity.


Our Fancy Dress at Halloween raised €100 for the CoombeHospital. Thank you one and all.


The Parent/Teacher meeting will be held on 20th November ’14. If your allotted time does not suit, please contact the school to arrange a more suitable time.




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October ’14 newsletter

Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians:


If you have not already sent in your child’s birth cert and P.P.S. Number, you should do so before the Halloween break, as we now have to record these for the Department of Education.


The school closes from 27th – 31st October’14 for the Midterm Break. We will be hosting a Halloween Party on Friday 24th October’14. Pupils should dress up and bring in €2, which we will be donating to the CoombeHospital. Pupils going swimming can dress up on their return to school.


Our healthy eating campaign with the ‘Food Dudes’ is going well. Keep up the good work!


I would like to thank you, our pupils and parent/guardians for your kindness during my mother’s illness and passing R.I.P. I very much appreciate your kind words and the guard of honour.


As we do every year, we will be participating in the Christmas Shoe Box Appeal. We will be sending you the Team Hope leaflet next week and we have a speaker from Team Hope coming to the school tomorrow to talk to the pupils. We thank you for you generosity.




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