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Welcome to our School Website

P1000010We’ve been working hard to pack as much useful information and fun stuff as we can for the parents and students of Manulla National School and we hope you find it informative and enjoyable. We are excited about this new online venture and would like to thank all the parents and students for helping us make it happen. We would also especially like to thank LPB Building Services Ltd., Belcarra, for helping fund the site.

On our site you can find …

  • A funky school calendar, so you can check the holidays and other school events!
  • A newsletter section with all the latest school bulletins.
  • A galleries section with loads of photos of us being awesome!
  • and loads more…

We will be updating the site during the school year so check back for more new content soon. Lastly if you have any queries about our new website or about the school then click the Contact page and let us know.

The Manulla National School Staff

Pictures of Our School











Admissions Notice

Please click here to download and view the Manulla NS Admissions Draft and Admissions Notice Manulla N.S. for the coming year.


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